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Course Update

Well the rain has finally stopped.We have only had 8 dry days thus far in April and a total of 350mm of rain.The course will be open again this Friday 24th April.Saturdays competition will be a 4 pers...

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Course update April 28th

The extended wet weather will again delay our cutting program this week.Greens will be cut daily.Tees and aprons will be cut on Thursday or Friday pending no further rain.Parts of some fairways will b...

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Links Update March 2015

Course UpdateGreen renovations that took place on 17th March has gone well, eliminating compaction and decreasing thatch layer.Green staff were able to cut greens on Friday 20th March at 4ml and also ...

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Course Update march 2015

Links Staff and Volunteers have been very busy this past few weeks.Disease in GreensThe unseasonably humid weather combined with constant dampness has led to an outbreak of dollar spot on the greens, ...

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Course update Feb 2015

GreensThe greens over the past 4 weeks have been fine, we have maintained healthy turf through this high pressure time (high temps, high humidity, lots of rain) with the use of cultural and chemical ...

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“The Links Shell Cove is a unique and picturesque golf course located in the Illawarra region on the South Coast of NSW. Once referred to as the “Beast of the East” due to its challenging nature, The Links has transformed itself into a golf course known for its friendly, inviting atmosphere and is an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. 

With four tee options choose from, the friendly golf operations staff will help you choose your own adventure to ensure you really do, “Love the Experience”. 

Voted as one of the top 50 courses in Australia to play for under $50, The Links Shell Cove is unbeatable value, and a must to consider when planning your next golfing getaway or social round.”